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Victor To Assist Clubs With Female Armour Products

Female Armour Is Here!

WHILST the arrival of the AFLW gave Female Footballers the most significant boost at the time, we believe the arrival of BOOB ARMOUR is just as significant!

Breast Protection for girls and women of all ages is already a major talking factor. Protection against physical contact, chest marking and general confidence in playing the game are all major factors for females to take up and take on our great game.

With BOOB ARMOUR, we have you covered!!

Boob Armour is a pair of custom designed inserts made from a shock absorbing polyethylene that will protect your breasts. For girls aged as young as 8 at an introductory level to the game through to girls in development stages and then on to senior women footballers, we have sizes to fit and suit all and protect your breasts accordingly. With 7 sizes in the range, The Boob Armour is lightweight and very comfy and will fit snugly into any sports bra or crop top for girls/women of all sizes and ages!

The Boob Armour is specifically designed to protect your breasts unlike any other product in the market and are universal in design (ie: both inserts fit either left or right side). They are incredibly well priced at $69.95 per pair (SEE BELOW FOR SPECIAL CLUB PRICING).

We believe that Boob Armour is an essential item for all FEMALE FOOTBALLER’S Kit Bags. You wouldn’t leave home without your mouthguard and boots – now Boob Armour should sit similarly alongside those items!

With the season fast approaching, we are launching with some VERY SPECIAL PRICING OFFERS TO CLUBS:
*Buy 10 pairs, get a 10% discount
**Buy 15 pairs, get a 15% discount
***Buy 20 pairs +, get a 20% discount

For your first order, Victor will provide a free freight service directly to clubs.

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