Rules & Guidelines

EDFL Statement of By-LawsCLICK HERE
EDFL Statement of Rules & PurposesCLICK HERE
EDFL Football Operations ManualCLICK HERE
AFL Laws of the Game (2024 Booklet) CLICK HERE
AFL Laws of the Game (2024 Mobile Version) CLICK HERE
AFL Concussion Guidelines for Australian Football at all levelsCLICK HERE
EDFL - Marsh Match Day Checklist CLICK HERE
EDFL Alcohol & Smoke Free PolicyCLICK HERE
EDFL Child Safety PolicyCLICK HERE
EDFL Code of Conduct CLICK HERE
EDFL Extreme Weather PolicyCLICK HERE
EDFL Junior Grading PolicyCLICK HERE
EDFL Media Policy -
Suitable-Use Guidelines
EDFL Notice of Tribunal Appeal CLICK HERE
EDFL Racial & Religious PolicyCLICK HERE
Football OrdersCLICK HERE
Interleague PolicyCLICK HERE
National Player & Official De-Registration PolicyCLICK HERE
National Player Registration & Transfer Regulations (refer Section 3)CLICK HERE
Player Payment Guidelines (2024)CLICK HERE
Player Payment Rules (2024)CLICK HERE
Player Payments - 2024 Best Practice & Integrity GuidelinesCLICK HERE
Player Payments & Points - AFLVIC ResourcesCLICK HERE
Player Payments Document Portal - InformationCLICK HERE
Player Points CalculatorDOWNLOAD
Player Points System Policy (2024)CLICK HERE
Player Registration Form & Transfer FormCLICK HERE
Practice Match Request for Umpires - JuniorsCLICK HERE
Practice Match Request for Umpires - SeniorsCLICK HERE
Respect & Responsibility PolicyCLICK HERE
Special Match Permit - SingleCLICK HERE
Spirit of Fair Play Policy (2023)CLICK HERE
Sports Trainers in Community Australian Football PolicyCLICK HERE
Timekeepers SheetCLICK HERE
Transfer Club Intention to AppealCLICK HERE
Transfer Players Appeal FormCLICK HERE
Tribunal Guidelines & ProceduresCLICK HERE
Club Umpire Match Day ReportingCLICK HERE