Policies & Resources

2021 AFL Laws of the GameCLICK HERE
2020 Interleague PolicyCLICK HERE
Application for Player Points Reassessment CLICK HERE
Application for Team Points ReassessmentCLICK HERE
Club Budget - Template 2019CLICK HERE
Club Non-Declared Player Template 2019CLICK HERE
Community Concussion GuidelinesCLICK HERE
Concussion Management PolicyCLICK HERE
EDFL Child Safety PolicyCLICK HERE
EDFL Code of Conduct CLICK HERE
EDFL Alcohol & Smoke Free PolicyCLICK HERE
EDFL - JLT Match Day Checklist CLICK HERE
EDFL Media Policy -
Suitable-Use Guidelines
EDFL Notice of Tribunal Appeal CLICK HERE
Football Orders (2022)CLICK HERE
Junior Grading Policy (2022)CLICK HERE
List of Permitted GlovesCLICK HERE
National Player & Official De-Registration PolicyCLICK HERE
National Player Registration & Transfer RegulationsCLICK HERE
Player Payment Rule - Season 2019CLICK HERE
Player Payments & Points - AFLVIC ResourcesCLICK HERE
Player Points CalculatorCLICK HERE
Player Points System Policy - Season 2022CLICK HERE
Player Registration Form & Transfer FormCLICK HERE
2022 Practice Match Request for Umpires - SeniorsCLICK HERE
2022 Practice Match Request for Umpires - JuniorsCLICK HERE
Special Match Permit - SingleCLICK HERE
Spirit of Fair Play Policy (2022)CLICK HERE
Sports Trainers in Community Australian Football PolicyCLICK HERE
Standard Player Declaration Template 2019CLICK HERE
Timekeepers Sheet (2021)CLICK HERE