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EDFL Off-Season Movement - Every Signing

Every signing for every team!

It's been an incredibly busy off-season so far at clubland with signings being announced left, right, and centre!

The player transfer window is expected to open in February, so while none of these will be confirmed until then, the excitement for the 2024 season is already building.

If you're struggling to keep up with all the announcements, here's what we know so far with the breakdown from every club across the men's and women's competitions.


Coaching Announcement: Clay Illman has officially been appointed as Adam Marcon's replacement with latest signing Ben Ronke announced as a playing co-coach.

New Signings: Ben Ronke, Brodie Newman, Matt Williamson, Sam Medland.

Summary: Returning juniors headlined their early recruiting phase with ex-Sydney Swan Ben Ronke their latest signing. He'll join Clay Illman as co-coach after being drawn to the club by some friends. Abers haven't brought in a swathe of players, but they've brought in quality. Sam Cattapan is their biggest departure.


Summary: Rob Green was announced as Premier Division Team of the Year Coach Rohan Hawker's successor with Steve Robinson heading their second side. Both have been involved in the coaching ranks at the club for some time.


Coaching Announcement: Brent Taylor will be replacing Trent Rogers as head coach in 2024.

New Signings: Chris Nield, Cooper Janevski, John Roumeliotis, Jed Brereton, Matt Hanson, Ahmed Zahraman, Michael Edwards, Tom Aylett, John Delacoe.

Summary: Airport West's recruiting period has slowed down after announcing a number of best 22 players with VFL experience as they look to solidify their position in the top flight. Trent Rogers left the list in terrific shape with majority of their list re-signing, giving new coach Brent Taylor a quality platform to build on.


Summary: Premiership coach Marcus Barclay remains in charge as the Eagles step up into Division One, no player announcements have been made as yet.


Coaching Announcement: Patrick Byrne will be back at the helm replacing Richard Little.

New Signings: Patrick Payne, Myles Gollant, Liam Bianco, Brody Watts, Caleb McPherson, Muharem Muja, Danko Bzenic, Connor Byrne, Tom Gleeson, Daniel Gervasoni, Anthony Curtis, Benjamin Cass, Jack Stratford, Lachlan O’Hara.

Summary: Returning coach Patrick Byrne and the Heights have been able to bring some experience back to the club in the likes of Connor Byrne, Danko Bzenic, and Caleb McPherson alongside new recruit Tom Gleeson, while also introducing some younger talent looking to get a taste of the top flight in Brody Watts and Liam Bianco. Some of their recruits in the past have been tied up with VFL duties, so they'll be hoping they can see more of these players on the park more regularly in 2024 as they look to keep their spot in Premier Division.


Summary: Senior Women's football will return to the Heights, no official announcement has been made on a coach as yet.


Summary: The Bears come out of hibernation once the new year rolled around announcing a number of key re-signings, but we're still awaiting new signings. It will be an interesting watch to see who they bring in with Cole Harvey entering his second season at the helm. He brought across a lot of youth in his first season, can he get some experience in to complement his developing list?


Summary: Michael Davis will be replacing Jeff Stevens as head coach, with re-signings starting to be announced including superstars Kayla Ravanello and Krissy Trang.


Coaching Announcement: Charlie Denaro will be replacing Tom Gleeson as head coach in 2024.

New Signings: George Fotiadis, Jack Gusman, Robert Maiorana, Declan Doherty, Conor Doherty, Rusi Komaitai, Harrison Harbrow, Madison Martin, Pasquale Curcio, Aythen Kyriazis, Tom Carland, Robert Kernick.

Summary: Coburg Districts were able to lock away a lot of their young talent while bringing across some experience to account for some senior players that have moved on. There'll be some Hillside flavour at Cumberland Road as expected, with Charlie Denaro looking to provide the fresh start Coburg Districts were looking for to reclaim their spot in the finals.


Coaching Announcement: Gavan Wray-McCann will be replacing Ron McGill as head coach in 2024.

New Signing: Helena Katsios (playing assistant).

Summary: They've announced some re-signings including the likes of Team of the Year stars Olivia Woods, Kaila Ducret, and Jacinta Brew, while Helena Katsios was announced to be a playing assistant coach to Wray-McCann in 2024.


New Signings: Spencer Briggs, James Vulic, Luke Scarpini, Jesse Davies, Matt Noden, Luke Reichelt, Nathan Reichelt, Tarkin Kunelius, Nathan Martin, Mitch Wilson.

Summary: Shane Jacobs will be looking to build on a successful first season at the helm with the Eagles introducing some best 22 players, including returning premiership star Jesse Davies.


New Signings: Alicia Whelan, Emily Barrett, Meg Renae, Cate McGarry, Shaylah Kendrick, Emily Williams, Talia Vincent

Summary: Alicia Gorman will lead the resurgence of Senior Women's footy at Craigieburn. The Eagles have announced some new signings and shared a photo of their first pre-season session which looked to already have around 20 players training.


Coaching Announcement: Deer Park club legend Jamie Madigan will be replacing Heath Scotland as head in coach in 2024.

New Signings: Josh Chatfield, Mason Crozier, Steve Georgiou, Diesel Moloney, Mutaz El Nour, Anthony Daw, Jamieson House.

Summary: While Deer Park have lost some key pillars of their premiership side, they've been able to retain around half of that side so far while adding in some top-line players. New coach Jamie Madigan is no stranger to the club or Premier Division and will be looking to compete straight away.


Coaching Announcement: Pat Christofi and Ali Hamad will continue on in 2024.

New Signings: Mohammed El Souki, Abdul Abdo, Robbie McComb, Nayef Hamad, Lachlan Smart, Tim Quick, Reuben William, Dean Roberts, Tyson Old, Hussein Kadour, Malik Elfakahani, Kamal Badra, Aliyy Elmaghraby, Mark Nicholls, Mitchell Havard, Izzy Moussa, Tom Silvagni, Michael Dalrymple.

Summary: East Keilor have made great strides in countering their depth issues and have brought in some quality players in the process. Their points will be squeezed even tighter with some of these players but with their recruiting spree looking to have slowed down, it'll be interesting to see what they can do with their list to build on their first-round finals exit. 


Coaching Announcement: Travis Bishop will be replacing Aaron Kite as head coach in 2024.

New Signings: Jaxon Madden, Brandon Yankowski, Jack Barnes, Matthew Krul, Brandon Brancatisano, Sean Egan.

Summary: There are encouraging signs at East Sunbury with a lot of re-signings being announced despite the tough season, as well as some new arrivals early in the piece. Aaron Kite did a fantastic job building the list back up to get on the park but after initially committing as a player, he will head back to Glenroy. They've announced a few new signings, as they look to build the list to compete under new coach Travis Bishop.


New Signings: Katelyn Sinnema, Rach White, Rachael Spencer, Jennifer Stevenson, Sarah Costanzo, Maeghan Scholtz, Genaya Faulkner, Jacinta Lee, Sarah Hunt, Chantelle Harding, Jessica Campbell.

Summary: Lisa Borg will lead a new East Sunbury Senior Women's program into 2024 with signings continuing to flow through.


Coaching Announcement: Barry Prendergast will continue on in 2024 as announced late in the season.

New Signings: Dylan Laurie, Bayley Overend, Kelton Overend, James De Virgillio, Noah Weihrauch, Andre Jaycock, Michael Kiraly.

Summary: Essendon Doutta Stars finished the season on an encouraging note as they retained their spot in Premier Division. They've announced some quality new signings on top of a lot of core group re-signings, but with Tom Wallis signing elsewhere and no official announcements on their top three best and fairest vote getters in Giacomo Thomas, James Harrold, and Campbell Wearne, there could be some holes they need to fill. 


Summary: Marie Napoli will lead Douttas into Premier Division with Blair McFarlane announced as the coach of their prospective second women's side.


Summary: No announcements as yet.


New Signings: Tochi Oparaocha, Aaron Kite, Daniel Takle, Brad Kite, Omar Taleb, Nasir Kodi, Ali Samie, Joseph Sophia, Joel McDonald, Michael Adams, Zain Yassin, Kenny Lam, Lachlan Woodham, Joseph Moio, Dominick Lo Presti.

Summary: We are already seeing Dean Young benefit from a longer run up into the season with strong player retention and a number of best 22 signings. They've added some big bodies to the list with club favourite Aaron Kite returning to the Roys.


Summary: Glenroy will kickstart their Senior Women's program and announced Bill Emerson as head coach. Numbers have looked pretty good in photos at training posted on their socials.


New Signings: Dylan Watts, Baker Smith, Ray Murphy.

Summary: Greenvale have remained relatively quiet on the recruiting front although they announced majority of their last re-signing. That includes their VFL-affiliated players who showed their best 22 would certainly be a threat come finals time, but they can't rely on their availability. The Jets would have played finals if it was a top five series in 2023 but with the likes of Aberfeldie, Deer Park, and Airport West looking to push into finals action on top of the incumbents, it won't be a given in 2024.


Summary: The two-time grand finalists have done a good job in retaining their list which will keep Troy Newton's Jets in the premiership conversation in 2024. They've done this despite some other clubs in the north looking to introduce or re-introduce women's programs which is a great sign for the strength of Greenvale's program.


Coaching Announcement: Angelo Lamanna will be replacing Brett Pitts as head coach in 2024.

New Signings: Jake Polizzi, Kieran Hummell, Brayden May, Jaiden Martin, Abudin Awo, Declan Drummond, Zach Greenwood, Stephen Siale, Tiger Curtis, Gerald Lynch, Liam Simic, Thomas Mahfoud, Christian Pisano, Jacob Houston, Ardon Bektash, Imran Noureddine, Brent Houston, Daniel Moro, Nick Mustafa, Zac Gillard, Luke Hannah, Sam Godden, John Burns, Kyle Desira, Mitch Sciberras, Ayden Woodward, Asher Claney, Sam Skinner, Harrison Steel, Adam Ferguson.

Summary: Angelo Lamanna has introduced a smattering of players (30 new signings) to Hadfield. They've attracted a number of players external to the EDFL as they build the depth in the list they were lacking in 2023, while also adding some high-quality players. Rhys Gleisner has stepped into a playing-assistant role. 


Coaching Announcement: Chris Daley will be replacing Charlie Denaro as head coach in 2024.

New Signings: Damien Cavka, Fort Caruso, Nat Caruso, Robbie Castello, Habib Hosni, Jake Gatto.

Summary: Some EDFL stars are heading to Shark Park in Damien Cavka and the Caruso brothers. They'll join Robbie Castello on-field who will serve as a playing assistant alongside Mo Kaakour. This all come after the Sharks secured Chris Daley as Charlie Denaro's successor who no doubt has the tools to push the club deep into finals.


Coaching Announcement: Blaise Ferraro will be replacing Rob Davis as head coach in 2024.

New Signings: Brooke Kerrigan, Beejay Johnson, Emma Picone, Chanel Caruso.

Summary: The Sharks appointed co-women's football operations managers and have enjoyed a strong off-season as they look to work back up the Premier Division ladder. They've retained majority of their best 24 and have added some quality players to the mix.


New Signings: Josh Honey.

Summary: Keilor have been typically quiet in the off season so far but have landed a big fish in Keilor junior Josh Honey on a full-time basis after a few years with Carlton. Mick McGuane certainly won't be actively looking to top up their list but will need to find a new key forward with Matthew Clark heading to Tyabb. 


Summary: Brooke Surgeon will again be coaching the women's side with signing announcements starting to appear. VFLW-listed Kiera Leare was the first to be announced crossing over from Hillside, with The Valley's Spring for the Stars champion Maddy Reynolds stepping into the senior program from the Under 18.5s.


Coaching Announcement: Leigh Coles will be replacing Paul Guicas as head coach in 2024.

New Signings: Lindon Bektash, Cooper Bryant, Mitchell Meredith, Zachary Steinhoff-Pino, Daniel Ruscigno, Anthony Franzone, Kyall Parker

Summary: With Paul Guicas unfortunately announcing he needs to step away as head coach, Keilor Park have promoted from within and will have club legend Leigh Coles at the helm in 2024. The Devils have been busy re-signing a lot of their core group, but having lost Robbie Castello and narrowly avoiding relegation despite being largely competitive, they may need to make some moves to solidify their spot in Division One.


New Signings: Bella Arvanitis, Kayla Corrigan, Taylor Rose Evans, Keira Dorrington, Alana Vidov, Caitlin Crameri, Marissa Baker, Carlie Chircop, Tahlia Reeves, Caprice Baillie, Brooke Baldock, Kylie Garth, Mia Tournas, Hayley McDonald, Cheyanne Durieu, Emily Laidlaw, Jessie Hazledine-Onno.

Summary: Coach Luke Baker and assistant Harley Cameron have been busy signing players to their re-established women's program and have secured a strong cohort thus far.


Coaching Announcement: Brodie Holland returns to the club as head coach for the 2024 season.

New Signings: Lachie Plowman, Brodie Romensky, Will Young, James Kayrooz.

Summary: Maribyrnong Park brought Brodie Holland back into the fold and have landed possibly the biggest signing with ex-Carlton and GWS defender Lachie Plowman committing to the club along with ex-Adelaide Crow Will Young. Meanwhile, former TAC Cup Team of the Year and Marby junior Brodie Romensky returns to the club. It's been a patient recruiting drive but their top-end talent has no doubt already received a major boost.


Coaching Announcement: Milly Beardmore will be replacing Phil Poursanidis as head coach in 2024. No announcement on second side as yet.

New Signings: Maddie Convery.

Summary: Milly Beardmore will be replacing Phil Poursanidis as Premier Division coach after coaching their second side for the last two years. They've re-signed Alex McBride-Loane and Team of the Year members Zoe Manning and Charlotte Rayner, while most recently announced their first new signing in Maddie Convery.


New Signings: Ahmed Dabdoub, Michael Diamandis, Luke Brock, Jai Anderson, Luke Denny, Jason Denny, Andrew Robinson, Harry Fry, Luke Brock, Anthony Accadia.

Summary: The Fog announced Ian Denny will continue on as coach as the club needed to get a bit more active this off-season to push themselves up the ladder and they've done exactly that bringing in some players who've experienced top-flight footy.


Summary: Moonee Valley have announced club legend Lee Newman will take the reins of the Fog's Premier Women's side with Dermott O'Connell announced as the coach of the second side. No player announcements as yet.


New Signings: Isaac Kako, Fabian Pennelli, Oliver Klemm, Riley Houston, Abdullah El-Rafei, Ben Tenace, Musa Hussain.

Summary: Northern Saints are establishing themselves as a genuine flag contender in 2024 after a strong resurgence under Tamer Abdallah in 2023. He will again lead the Saints who have been active this off-season retaining a lot of key players and announcing some strong signings. They've also attracted some homegrown junior players back which is a great sign for the club.


New Signings: Paul Pascu, Liam Molloy, Oliver Aitken, Tom Lay, Josh Ksiazek, Joe Townsend-Booth, Jye Smith.

Summary: Premiership coach Todd Clark will lead Oak Park in Division One with a lot of key players already announced to have re-signed, with a number of new signings that will certainly go a long way to help them be competitive and stay up in Division One. There's a strong mix of experience and younger players on their list.


Coaching Announcement: Premiership co-coaches Nic Cook and Lessey Hodgkinson will be joined by Ashlee Atkins in 2024.

New Signing: Chiara Guarino.

Summary: A number of their premiership players have already re-signed as they prepare for their premiership defence, with Premier Division Team of the Year member Chiara Guarino (Strathmore) a great new signing.


Coaching Announcement: Leigh Tudor will be replacing Digby Morrell as head coach in 2024.

New Signings: Tom Hofert, Ahmed Saad, Mo Yassine, Jake Moorhead, Jeremy Rodi, David Gennacarro, Jared Eckersly.

Summary: Although they finished the regular season second and played in the prelim, the Panthers have gotten on the front foot in a big way to continue developing the squad to compete for a flag. Leigh Tudor is an incredibly experienced coach and was most recently coaching the Essendon VFL side. Ahmed Saad is their marquee signing and will also take on a youth development role at the club. Among some star new signings are a strong amount of re-signings from their best 22.


Summary: No news on a new coach as yet.


Coaching Announcement: Ross Terranova will be replacing Michael Farrelly as head coach in 2024. The Farrelly name will continue in the coaching ranks with Hayden set to step in as a playing assistant.

New Signings: Scott Poynter, Taylan Bozkurt, James Bird, Zane Terranova, Liam Bartolo, Adam Smrdelj.

Summary: Roxy were able to secure a good portion of their list with Cooper McPharlane and Nathan Carroll their highest profile departures, but are still announcing new signings.


Coaching Announcement: Kevin Allan was announced as their new women's coach in 2024.

New Signings: Emily Prouse, Alexandra Curseri, Kashani Hoskins-Jacobs, Mackenzie Best, Dakota Liddy, Erica Linehan, Sienna Linehan, Jessica Ivory, Chloe McIntosh, Emily Val, Jameson Best, Summa Blackburn, Emma Poynter, Megan Allan, Natalie Tull-Boyle, Seda Filizfidan.

Summary: Roxburgh Park announced in late July that women's footy will return to Lakeside Oval in 2024 and have since announced Kevin Allan as head coach and enough signings to start a game!


Coaching Announcement: Brad Fox will be replacing Arron Bray as head coach in 2024.

New Signings: James Fox, Ethan Fitzpatrick.

Summary: After making a prelim in their first senior finals campaign in the EDFL, it hasn't been the off-season Rupo would've liked. Dean Galea, Zak Saad, Shaun Stewart, Jackson Cardillo, Brent Swallow, Jacob Chahine, and Dylan Podolczak have departed Salesian College as well as coach Skip Bray. Incoming coach Brad Fox will have his work cut out for him to try and replace arguably their top players if they're any chance to emulate their heights of 2023.


New Signings: Brandon Coletta, Alex Tsia, Jackson Volpato, Reece Tompkins, Tyler Bell. 

Summary: Player retention at Kings Park has been very good so far, with Premier Division Team of the Year half back Brandon Coletta a huge signing for the Saints with fellow former Shark Jackson Volpato making a return to footy with the Saints. Alex Tsia, a young gun with Coates Talent League experience has also signed on as coach Zammy Muhtari will no doubt be keen to build on their first-round exit out of the finals. 


Coaching Announcement: Nick Ash will be replacing Marty Allison as head coach in 2024.

New Signings: Trent Dumont, Shaun McKernan, Harry Jones.

Summary: The 2023 coach, leading goal-kicker, and captain may have moved on but the Mores are still incredibly-poised to get to the big dance yet again in 2024. The club announced 98 per cent of their list has re-signed, with three huge signings announced in Shaun McKernan returning to the EDFL and ex-Roo and Port player Trent Dumont. The Mores didn't look to make much noise with these announcements, but they'll certainly make plenty of noise on-field with those additions.


Summary: Ron Sikora will continue on with the Mores as head coach in 2024. There are no new signings as yet, but it was announced that co-captains Clara Toperosa and Rebecca Said will continue on in 2024.


New Signings: Tim Walsh, Thomas Eiszele, Mitch Johnston, Cooper Anson, Beau Vowles, Rocco Tripodi, Riley Eales, Andrew Siekai, Jake Olivieri, Kayne Murphy, Lachlan Muir, Mitch Collins, Brandon Smith.

Summary: Sunbury Kangaroos have been busy signing players up including all but two of their grand final side and 11 new players. Shanon Carroll has taken great strides so far to establish themselves as another flag contender this far out of the season. Their recruiting drive looks to have slowed down, but they're currently well-placed to emulate their 2023 season.


Coaching Announcement: Chris Dunne will be replacing Joe Antonetti as head coach in 2024.

New Signings: Tylah Bell, Bronte Koutras, Kelsie Gill, Elisha Green, Teaghan Tweedly, Carly Blythe, Liv Cairo.

Summary: Their women's program has been equally busy so far this off-season as they look to build on a positive end to their season after dropping down into Division Two and have managed to bring a range of key players back to the club.


Coaching Announcement: Matt Tremellen will assuming the sole head coaching role with Jaimee-Lee Wilson electing to focus on playing 2024.

New Signings: Amy Clendenning.

Summary: Sunbury Lions have been active announcing a number of re-signings and returns.


New Signings: Shaun Ujcich, Connor Roach, Declan Wakefield, Vinnie Schiavello, Matty Brown, Ben Weightman, Brandon Raad, Lachlan McMullin, Ben Spargo, 

Summary: Steve Burns will continue on in 2024 and with good player retention and a few new signings, will be in good shape to continue their push for promotion.


Coaching Announcement: Joe Antonetti was announced as the inaugural coach of their women's program. Evan Boorman will be his assistant.

New Signings: Jaime Wulf, Emma Villani, Hanna Mercado, Chloe Clark-Cain, Kaitlyn Portelli, Jorja Brink, Charlie Goodwin, Abbey Boorman, Sarah McNally, Hazel Bursic, Ellie Kazazes, Hannah Sullivan, Courtney McCormack, Sacha Haack.

Summary: The Lions have been active in announcing signings and are currently in good shape to take the field in 2024. One of their most recent signings was Team of the Year member Courtney McCormack adding star power to their depth. 


Coaching Announcement: David Connell will continue on as head coach in 2024 after assuming the role mid-season.

New Signings: Jake Long, Brad Horgan, Mason Taylor, Nicholas Papakalodoukas, Michael Sikora, Dylan Birdo, Luke Rowland, David Stretton, Dillion Kane, Taj McCartney.

Summary: Tulla started their off-season well with some new signings and retained majority of their core group so far. More ex-AFL talent has landed at Tulla with Jake Long (son of Michael) the club's most recent signing on a full time basis. With new clubrooms expected to be ready by Round 1, Tulla will be hoping they can wear them in by working their way back up the ladder in 2024.


Summary: Travis Fitzpatrick will replace Peter Labbad as head coach in 2024. They've re-signed a number of players from their 2023 program.


Coaching Announcement: Daniel Barnes will be replacing Dale May as head coach in 2024.

New Signings: Muhammad Saad, Billy Abou Eid.

Summary: West Coburg have done well to retain a lot of top-line talent so far this off-season and will bring in Muhammad Saad who kicked 28 goals for Airport West in 2023 and Billy Abou Eid, both returning juniors.


Coaching Announcement: Ash Flavel will continue on as head in 2024.

New Signings: Jordan Taglieri, Corey Mac, Jakob Hanlon

Summary: Jordan Taglieri will join older brother James at Westmeadows after moving from Queensland and is one of three new signings for the Tigers so far with Jacana premiership player Corey Mac and former Westy junior Jakob Hanlon the most recent. After some promising signs to round out the year, the club looks to be focusing on building from within and developing and retaining their homegrown talent as they move into Division Two.


Summary: Gemma Wright and Nat Scott will again coach the Premier Division and Division Two sides respectively with a number of re-signings already taking place.

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