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League Statement - Greenvale v Maribyrnong Park

Preliminary Final

The Essendon District Football League wishes to confirm the result of the Strathmore Community Bank Senior Preliminary Final between Greenvale and Maribyrnong Park, with Greenvale declared the winner.

With a major ankle injury sustained to a Maribyrnong Park player right on three-quarter time (approximately 4.20pm), the match was unable to recommence until the player could be safely removed from the field without aggravating the injury.

An ambulance arrived on the scene to stabilise the player and take him to hospital.

The player’s welfare was priority, which is why the player remained on the field as it was the safest position to ensure there was no aggravation of the injury.

By the time the ambulance had left the playing surface the time was approximately 6.00pm and the decision was made at that time that the match could not be restarted as the match officials were not satisfied that the match could be recommenced and completed in light conditions that were safe.

The decision to declare Greenvale the winner is made in accordance with Rule 10.6.2 (c) of the Laws of the Game, which states:

Half Time and Beyond: …If the Match is unable to recommence within a 30-minute period, the scores of the Teams at the time of the Match was interrupted shall be deemed to be the final scores of the Match. The Team with the highest score shall be deemed the winner of the Match...

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