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Match Report | Roxburgh Park v Jacana

Roxy’s hot form continues against 2015 nemesis, Jacana


JACANA had finally found some form in their previous two matches and travelled to Lakeside Oval to face the hardest competition Strathmore Community Bank Division 2 has to offer, Roxburgh Park.

The Magpies asserted their dominance early in the match, scoring the first two goals. They were doing all of the attacking early but Jacana put on enough pressure to keep the scores close.

After a goal from Jaguar Matthew Sinnett, Roxburgh Park let loose, scoring the next flurry of goals.

They were able to find men everywhere and fill up gaps left by the Jacana midfield easily. Jacana wasn’t able to stop the Roxburgh Park onslaught and went into the first break trailing by 23 points.

Bryce Kimuliatis started the scoring early in the second quarter and commanded the ball up in his forward line.

Roxburgh Park weren’t letting Jacana catch up however as their own hero, Luke Capuano, exercised his control over the Jacana defence.

Ryan Micallef dominated the ruck and the Magpie rovers won almost every stoppage and centre bounce.

Jacana were able to stem the flow of Roxburgh Park goals and started playing a slower, more possessive game but this purple patch was short-lived.

Roxburgh Park responded to Jacana’s charge with seven of their own second-quarter goals to put them 48 points up at halftime.

Things only got worse for Jacana in the third term as it seemed as though Roxburgh Park did as they pleased with the ball.

Despite it being the closest quarter, Roxburgh Park were able to set up great plays.

Harley Short provided lots of run and his grittiness in midfield ensured his team’s success.

The Magpie defence found it easy to rebound and gelled well with the midfield which made it easy to go from coast to coast and score.

Kimuliatis was the only Jaguar to score in that term as the margin was slightly reduced to 47 points at the final change.

Roxburgh Park continued their onslaught in the final quarter and showed that they do not have any mercy for their opponents.

Jacana’s defence resorted to kicking blindly in the final quarter in order to get the ball out of the danger zone but it just kept coming in.

Capuano was everywhere and much to the delight of the home crowd, piled on more goals in the final quarter.

Most of the of the final term was played in Roxburgh Park’s forward 50 as every Magpie came forward for their own personal glory.

Jacana managed two goals in the final quarter but their morale was depleted as Roxburgh Park went on to win the game by 77 points.

ROXBURGH PARK | 22.6-138

Goal Kickers: L. Capuano 7, S. Dawson 2, T. Blacker 2, C. Ardon 2, R. Kannegiesser, B. Dimech, R. Micallef, J. Blackley, A. MacKinnon, R. Tarczon, L. Oppedisano, H. Short, N. Dimeski

Best Players: H. Short, F. Kaakour, N. Dimeski, B. Dimech, R. Tarczon, L. Oppedisano

JACANA | 9.7-61

Goal Kickers: B. Kimuliatis 3, B. Mall 2, M. Siciliano, J. Austin, A. Trewarn, M. Sinnett

Best Players: B. Mall, B. Morrison, A. Austin, J. Austin, C. McCawley, E. Edis

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