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Jets Hold Off Roys With Convincing Win At Sewell


TOUGH conditions at Sewell Reserve made for some hard-hitting football between Glenroy and Greenvale on Saturday.

Glenroy started off the game smartly by playing to its strengths, working the ball well from defence to offence with short hit-ups before then going long forward.

This defence-to-offence play for the Roys was provided by Jay O’Donoghue from start to finish, taking solid grabs and using his pace and agility around the ground.

He could not be matched off the half back line as he launched numerous forward entries for the home side.

This poise and skill by the home side contrasted well with Greenvale's bursting style of play out of contests.

The Jets’ speed around the ground created for an exciting spectacle.

They used the tactic of playing on at all costs and seemed to control the game towards the end of the second term.

With ruckman Fabian De Luca combining well with the explosive Nick Maric, the Jets were able to get many shots on goal.

Yet with such a swirling wind, they struggled to gain a big lead by half time.

Greenvale’s tactic of a wingman holding off at contests then making late impact seemed to work perfectly going into attack.

Yet the hunger and tenacity seemed to be on a higher level for Glenroy, keeping the hosts in the game.

Despite having so much control of the game in the third, Greenvale couldn’t apply any scoreboard pressure, only converting two goals from 15 inside-50 entries.

Aaron Kite, after taking a strong contested grab, got the first major of the last quarter, reducing the Jets’ lead.

Kite provided well for the Roys all day and was too strong for any Greenvale defenders.

With some big bombs from outside the arc, he finished with four goals.

Glenroy’s belief lifted across the board and was most exemplary through the work of Josh Trembearth.

While dominating in the midfield all day, he added forward pressure to his game and was able to snag two quick goals in the last, sending the red and white crowd into mayhem as the hosts gained their first lead of the game.

On an absolute roll, Glenroy looked like they could steal it, but the sheer power of Greenvale kicked in and started to run the Roys off their legs.

Fort Caruso’s forward pressure was crucial alongside the big inclusion of Addam Maric, who finished with three goals for the day.

The Jets started to kick accurately and played at their best in the last 15 minutes, finally gaining a comfortable lead for the first time of the game.

They eventually crushed the hopes of a Glenroy win with an unblemished six-goal last quarter and recorded a solid 23-point victory.

GLENROY 10.7-67

Goal Kickers: A. Kite 4, J. Trembearth 2, A. Winter, M. Walker, A. Del Busso, D. Moro

Best Players: M. Walker, J. O’Donoghue, T. Dulic, A. Kite, M. Willox, L. Ronaldson

GREENVALE 13.12-90

Goal Kickers: A. Maric 3, F. Caruso 2, L. King 2, D. Trifunovic, J. Thompson, B. Anderson, F. Deluca, N. Maric, M. Bonello

Best Players: N. Maric, D. Micevski, D. Trifunovic, L. King, F. Deluca, B. Stillman

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