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EDFL Tonight Podcast - 2019 Christmas Special!

Includes Special Guest Host

IT'S our second annual EDFL Tonight Podcast Christmas Special!

Adem Saricaoglu and Adam Russell are joined by guest co-host and former EDFL Media personality, Teo Pellizzeri, who is part of the EDFL's Team of the Decade selection panel.

Some of our key topics include:
 - Who was snubbed in the 40-man Team of the Decade squad and why? (2:34)
 - Who should be the coach of the Team of the Decade? (22:20)
 - What were the EDFL's biggest moments, highlights and talking points of the 2010s? (35:22)
 - What were the main headlines to emerge from the November player transfers window? (53:23)

Listen below or click here.

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