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EDFL Social Media accounts are the fastest and easiest way to get news from around the league.  The accounts share and cross-promote club news and events, stories from local papers and original news items produced by the EDFL such as EDFL Web TV.  You do not need to register an account to follow a number of these platforms and can access them the same way you would access this website.  Facebook - June 2015 update: Facebook page passes 5000 Likes - Opens external link in new windowCLICK HERE Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Full games - The EDFL films one game per week which is made available to stream and download from Team App - get the EDFL's match-day record "The Footballer" and the EDFL Radio broadcast in your pocket with the league's official app. Opens external link in new windowCLICK HERE for info.  FOLLOW YOUR CLUB Each club has a variety of social media accounts that support their club website.  See the social media accounts for each team - Opens external link in new windowCLICK HERE

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