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East Keilor Player Point Value Adjustment

EDFL Statement

THE EDFL has conducted a thorough review of the Player Point Values of senior players at East Keilor Football Club.

Several players have had their PPV values adjusted up or down in line with the AFL Victoria Player Points Policy.

The EDFL accepts full responsibility for these errors in the initial validation of East Keilor’s PPVs.

The East Keilor Football Club submitted their playing list for validation at the appropriate time during the pre-season and the EDFL had sent back its validation assessment, which the Club was entitled to take as advice from the League.

As a result of this re-assessment and correction of Player Point Values, the total team point values for three matches already completed now shows as being above 47 points.

This is not considered to be a breach of the Player Point Policy by East Keilor.

The EDFL accepts responsibility for this, as at the time of these matches being played, East Keilor FC believed that it was listing players within the Total Team Point cap of 47 points as a result of advice from the EDFL on PPV allocations.

All Player Point Values across each senior division will be reviewed over the coming two weeks and should other adjustments be required, the EDFL will contact clubs directly.

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