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2019 Strathmore Community Bank Division Two Team Of The Year

Final 22 Revealed

GRAND Finalists Sunbury Kangaroos and Moonee Valley account for half of this year’s Strathmore Community Bank Division 2 Team of the Year.

Unsurprisingly, the undefeated Kangaroos have the most representation in the team after completing a stunning 15-0 home-and-away season in their first year in the league.

The entire ruck division is made up of Sunbury stars, with ruckman Brenton Sutherland, ruck rover Matt Quigley and rover Tierone Cuffe all getting the coaches’ tick of approval.

The remaining three Kangaroos in the side are all holding down key positions, with skipper Daniel Gregory slotted at centre half back and Lachlan Baddeley and Josh Burgess holding down centre half forward and full forward respectively.

Star Moonee Valley pair Cory McGrath (centre) and Rocky Ferraro (forward pocket) have retained the same positions they held in last year’s team, while utility Braden Padmore has made the team for the fourth consecutive year, but has been moved to the half forward flank.

Padmore’s previous positions in the side half been at ruck rover and the back pocket, while his first Team of the Year nod in 2016 saw him slotted on the same half forward flank he finds himself at this year.

Despite winning the division’s gaol kicking title, Burnside Heights sharpshooter Josh Covelli was overlooked at full forward in favour of Burgess, but he is joined by Bears teammate Anthony Fawcus in the side for the second year running.

East Sunbury’s three representatives are the same as last year’s, but all three players in Tom Cree, Kamen Ogilvie and Lucas Shaw are in new positions this year.

At full back, Northern Saint Jake McSwain has retained his position from last year, while teammate Tamer Abdallah and Coburg Districts’ Matthew Vesnaver have also returned to the side after making it in 2018.

In total, seven of the division’s eight clubs are represented in the line-up and 11 of the 22 are first-time inductees.

This year’s captain and coach of the Strathmore Community Bank Division 2 Team of the Year will be revealed at Thursday’s EDFL Awards.

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All EDFL Teams of the Year are compiled based solely on the input of each club’s senior coach.

At the end of the home-and-away season, each senior coach is asked to submit their own Team of the Year.

Once all teams are submitted, the EDFL then compiles the final Team of the Year based on the data submitted by the coaches.

The Strathmore Community Bank Division 2 Team of the Year was to recognise the best players of the 2019 home-and-away season.

Other factors such as reputation or form in previous seasons were not to be taken into account.

There were no restrictions on how many players coaches wished to select from their own team, but they were encouraged to consider players from all participating teams.

Once teams were chosen, coaches were then asked to also appoint a captain for their selected team.

Finally, they were then asked to select one of their fellow senior coaches as their Coach of the Year.

They were not permitted to select themselves.

The coach with the most total votes was appointed the coach of the Team of the Year.

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