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2019 Senior Men’s Club Best & Fairest Results

Every Club’s Top 5 Results

ALL 27 senior men’s EDFL club B&F results can now be revealed for Season 2019.

Strathmore was the final club to hold its presentation ceremony, with club stalwart Adam Iacobucci claiming his fifth B&F gong with the Mores over the weekend.

There were no major shocks among this year’s results, with all three league B&F winners (Kane Barbuto for Keilor, Robbie Castello for Westmeadows and Cory McGrath for Moonee Valley) doubling up to collect their club’s B&F award as well.

Top five club B&F results are used as part of the process to calculate Player Points Values across all senior men's competitions in Victoria. 

Scroll down to see our full list of top five results for each club across the three divisions.

WINNER: Sam Cattapan
2nd: Victor Carboni
3rd: Nic Cattapan
4th: Luke Davis & Josh Toy

WINNER: Damandeep Aujla
2nd: Tyson Young
3rd: Clayton Rogers
4th: Anthony Aloi
5th: Scott McAllester

WINNER: Donnacadh Cleary
2nd: Connor Byrne
3rd: Jackson Robb
4th: Matthew Cravino
5th: Justin Morris

WINNER: Charles Lill
2nd: Tom Wallis & Jordan Schroder
3rd: Campbell Wearne
4th: Brodie Meyers & Patrick Willach

WINNER: Daniel Riley
2nd: Travis Dulic
3rd: Daniel Ferraro
4th: Tanner Nilsson
5th: James Bennie

WINNER: Nicholas Maric
2nd: Josh Smith
3rd: Fabian Deluca
4th: Daniel Micevski
5th: Nat Caruso

WINNER: Kane Barbuto
2nd: Todd Stevenson
3rd: David Isbister & Billy Iles
4th: Dean Galea

WINNER: John McKenzie
2nd: Scott Clarke
3rd: James Bruest
4th: Josh Cole
5th: Matthew Gaul

WINNER: Matthew Stillman
2nd: Errol McConell
3rd: Julian Hemala
4th: Michael Ross
5th: Luke Foster

WINNER: Adam Iacobucci
2nd: Nicholas O'Brien
3rd: Andrew Vavra
4th: Luke Jarrad
5th: Xavier Allison

WINNER: Jesse Davies
2nd: Billy Morrison
3rd: Brock Chircop
4th: Ben Fynch
5th: Liam Middleton

WINNER: Ben Caluzzi
2nd: Joe Palazzolo
3rd: Josh Grabowski
4th: Dion Hill
5th: Nick Grabowski

WINNER: Lachlan Rayner
2nd: Jackson Volpato
3rd: Victor Micallef
4th: Raafat Rachrache
5th: Liam Johnstone

WINNER: Danny Rajab
2nd: Liam Molloy
3rd: Harrison Wilson
4th: Jack Kennedy
5th: Jack Pascu

WINNER: Jay Barbera
2nd: Harley Short
3rd: Ryan Micallef
4th: Travis Cooke
5th: Jamie Grant

WINNER: Jake Hobbs
2nd: Harrison Tanner
3rd: Adrian Crawford
4th: Mark Polycarpou
5th: Trent Forbes

WINNER: Dean Bartrop
2nd: Adam Scott
3rd: Tim Barresi
4th: Daniel Devine
5th: Tim Matson

WINNER: Abdikhane Fitaax
2nd: Dane Lucas
3rd: Sam Dean Spagnolo
4th: Liam Bowkett
5th: Tom Baravi

WINNER: Robbie Castello
2nd: Marwan Abdul-Wahad
3rd: Aaron Evans & Ahmed Abdul-Wahed
4th: Omar Saad

WINNER: Adam Sullivan
2nd: Jordan Hughes
3rd: Anthony Fawcus
4th: Josh Covelli
5th: Nick Morda

WINNER: Spencer Aitken
2nd: Matthew Vesnaver
3rd: Ben Fisher
4th: Ricky McGill
5th: Nick Sim

WINNER: Tom Cree
2nd: Lucas Shaw
3rd: Shane Lindsay
4th: Kamen Ogilvie
5th: Tom Godsell

WINNER: Zac Polizzi
2nd: Ben Pretty
3rd: Andrew Trende
4th: Daniel Midolo
5th: Jacob McKerchar

WINNER: Jake Gatto
2nd: Luke Furci
3rd: Aiden Cassar
4th: Michael Usai
5th: Edward Buijs

WINNER: Cory McGrath
2nd: Braden Padmore
3rd: Luke Ryan
4th: Kris Thomas
5th: Zac Di Guiseppe

WINNER: Tamer Abdallah
2nd: Peter Dispenzeri
3rd: Eliot Kako
4th: Jake McSwain
5th: Daniel Gennacaro

WINNER: Tierone Cuffe
2nd: Brenton Sutherland
3rd: Matt Quigley
4th: Lachlan Baddeley
5th: Jake Young

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